NIST - India's First NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner

Vision & Mission



To be a change agent to influence, from an individual to an organisation in the ambit of Occupational Health, Safety & Environment to protect and improve the workforce, workplace & the planet.


To reform the Occupational Safety Health & Environmental culture by providing training & consulting for individuals and corporates through superior customer service, quality, creativity, innovation, and commitment.


Our Core Value

In this competitive era, many organizations are striving hard to manage the balance with core values and fundamental principles against challenging demands of individual accountability, determined commitment and sustainability.

We at NIST have the courage to carry forth our belief during the battle of business with our tolerance & innovation and also resist various temptations to a quicker monetary result however we do not compromise our core values for which we stand. We empower the team members to lead and make decisions.



We strongly believe in honesty and transparency. We insist to maintain the esteem and to treat everyone with honor without compromising the truth and quality.


Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We fairly treat everyone, irrespective of the variations and include each and every one in our work family


Health & Wellbeing

We proactively take initiative in maintaining a healthy work-life balance for all our employees. We proffer utmost care & support for both the mental & physical well-being of those associated to NIST by following proper ergonomics, workplace safety measures, and psychological assistance throughout their journey with us.



We contribute to society ensuring the health and safety of clients & employees in line with the legal requirements and demonstrate our CSR in every project we undertake.



We take responsibilities for our policies, decisions, and actions. Our NIST team ensures the same in delivering individual accountability and also accountability of the company as a whole in providing our services. This entirely creates a positive influence on lives of our employees, clients & learners.


Collaborative Excellence

We are passionate with our standards in collaboration with team work, congregating the power of our contributors with positive approach in a proactive and result oriented approach for innovation, sustainability and progression.



We practice gratitude work culture where we offer genuine and specific praise to our employees, clients & learners. We want them to know that their efforts have truly made a difference in every possible way. We celebrate every small win by showing immense gratitude so that there is a togetherness in reaching a major goal.



Adaptability is indeed a value that will best suit our organization as we readily embrace changes or transition that is required for our betterment. Be it transition in technology or work culture, we have effectively applied adaptability together as a team. We also ensure that the effectiveness remains unaltered in a changing environment.