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NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate

Organizations across the globe have been significantly influenced by environmental and social factors due to the push toward achieving Net-Zero goals and promoting sustainability initiatives. With a focus on meeting public demands for environmental consciousness and complying with industry regulations, companies increasingly recognize the advantages of prioritizing environmental concerns. As a result, there's a growing perception of environmental management as an opportunity for companies to mitigate their environmental risks.

In light of these factors, the NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate qualification has been designed to offer a robust blend of technical knowledge and hands-on experience in environmental management. Individuals undertaking this course can assist organizations in managing both positive and negative environmental aspects, supporting the implementation, and ensuring continuous improvement of effective environmental management systems.

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  • Qualification
    NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate
  • Duration
    6 Days
  • Training Mode
    Virtual and Face to Face
  • Board
  • Level
    Intermediate / Level 3
  • Language
  • Batch Type

Course Overview

The NEBOSH environmental certificate is a globally relevant qualification designed for individuals seeking to comprehend environmental challenges, formulate strategies for sustainable practices, and assume a pivotal role in addressing environmental concerns within their professional capacities. This NEBOSH certificate in environmental management course covers a wide range of subjects, detailing techniques and methodologies for assessing and appraising environmental issues in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. Moreover, the NEBOSH environmental management course provides insights into optimizing energy consumption and implementing energy management strategies aligned with ISO 50001 guidelines.

What is the duration of this course?

Type Training Days Training Duration Exam Duration
Day 6 34 hrs 24 hours (EMC1 – Online Open Book Exam) + (EMC2 Project Submission)

Who can take this Course?

The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate is open to a wide range of individuals who are interested in gaining expertise in environmental management. It's suitable for:

  • Environmental Professionals
  • Environmental consultants
  • Health and Safety Professionals
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Aspirants and Career Changers
  • Individuals engaged with environmental management responsibilities
  • Those who want to formalise experience in environmental management


There are no formal entry requirements to undertake this NEBOSH environmental management course. However, minimum standard of English proficiency is required.

Course Benefits

Benefits for Individuals:

  • Ensures comprehensive understanding of environmental management systems, legislation, and best practices
  • Provides skills to identify, assess, and manage environmental risks within an organization, thereby contributing to risk reduction and compliance
  • Enhances skills in communication, leadership, and problem-solving, thus enabling individuals to effectively contribute to environmental management initiatives within their organizations
  • Fosters enhanced knowledge for progression to further study at Diploma level

Benefits for Organizations:

  • Assists in fulfilling legal obligations and minimizing environmental impact
  • Prevents the reputational and financial fallout that can arise from environmental incidents
  • Lowers expenses by optimizing resource usage and potentially reducing insurance premiums

Course Content:

Unit EMC1: Environmental management (Theory Paper)

  • Foundations in environmental management
  • Environmental management systems
  • Assessing environmental aspects and impacts
  • Planning for and dealing with environmental emergencies
  • Control of:
    • Emissions to air
    • Environmental noise
    • Contamination of water sources
    • Waste and land use
  • Sources and use of energy and energy efficiency

Unit EMC2: Assessing environmental aspects and associated impacts (Practical Paper)

Course Assessment:

  • EMC1: Examination (to be downloaded, completed, and submitted in 24 hours)
    Learners will be required to review a real-life scenario and answer theoretical and practical questions on environmental management.
    The provisional pass mark for Unit EMC1 is 45%.
  • EMC2: Practical Assessment
    Learners will be required to assess environmental aspects and impacts in their chosen workplace.

A ‘Pass’ must be achieved in both units to achieve the Environmental Management Certificate

Issue of Certificates:

Certificates will be issued to the successful candidates usually within 40 working days from the declaration of the result date

Further Progression:

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