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Behaviour based safety Consultancy

As per the report of National Safety Council, majorities of illness and injuries in workplace are due to issue of human behavior. This reflects the importance of employee behavior is critical in attaining improved safety standards, which is feasible through behavior based safety intervention. In this regard, the emphasis is on behavior based safety having aim to improve safety through integration of behavioral science and organizational principles with safety management to reduce incidences of injuries.

Behaviour based safety-consultancy

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What does Behaviour based safety consultation provide?

Behaviour based safety consultation is a process where our consultants would identify & assess unsafe behaviours at workplace and also recommend corrective measures to change at risk behaviour to safe behavioural practices.

What are the steps involved in Behaviour based safety Consultation?

  1. An initial survey of the workplace is done by a team of consultants to understand the level of safety culture.
  2. A team of top level managers and department heads is created (the core team)
  3. This team is trained in ‘Safety Leadership’. It is essential to gain top management commitment for this program and it starts with Leaders themselves analysing their own behaviour.
  4. Three to five years of incidental data / inspection / audit reports are extracted and studied for behaviours that need to be changed.
  5. 100% of all managers, supervisors and workers are given an induction on the Behaviour based safety process.
  6. The Core team then selects safety observers from amongst the first line supervisors to receive in-depth training. The ratio observers v/s workers could be 1:30.
  7. Consultants train the observers in observation, feedback and reinforcement techniques and in filling up the critical behaviour list.
  8. The observers carryout observations as per a defined schedule and provide the core team with measurements on safe v/s unsafe behaviour.
  9. Initial measurements will provide the current status of unsafe behaviours, which the core team can analyse and set measureable targets, for eg: increasing wearing of safety goggles from 50% to 80% within 4 weeks.
  10. After a period of two months the consultant will again retrain the observers and close any gaps in understanding the observation process.
  11. The core committee meets periodically and reviews the status and progress.
  12. The success of the program is gauged from the increase in safe behaviour, a decrease in unsafe behaviour and subsequently a decrease in undesirable event.


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Behaviour Based Safety Training

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NIST Global has been proffering clients with Behaviour Based Safety Training by utilizing effective behaviour-based tactics and focused behaviour-based safety techniques. Behaviour-based safety training, monitoring, and consultation can aid in the development of human safety consciousness and safety habits at their workplace. The behaviour-based safety consultants at NIST Global develop vision-based unsafe act detection for monitoring the actions of your workforce and train through experimental behaviour-based safety analysis, which ultimately removes safety barriers and modifies mind-set to engaging in unsafe behaviour.

How Behaviour Based Safety Training works?

The primary outcome of this behaviour-based safety training will be a drastic change in how people perceive safety via safe behaviour. The intervention of our goal-setting and feedback measures would also result in a notable improvement in safety performance. Change in safety culture is a gradual process, which leads to an average decline in the frequency of injuries. As a result, there is an increase in productivity, efficiency, morale, and profitability.

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