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Pathways to Net Zero

The IEMA Pathways to Net Zero course is intended to give precise training on the best strategies to address the climate crisis. The Pathways to Net Zero course aims to provide supervisors and leaders with a strategic and operational overview of environment and sustainability as it affects their specific industry and work area. It is also imperative for businesses to take steps to implement net zero approach as it may reduce global warming and enable proper energy management system.

  • Qualification
    Pathways to Net Zero
  • Duration
    2 Days
  • Training Mode
    Virtual Training
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Pathways to Net Zero

As ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) awareness grows, it is imperative and meticulous to take steps to protect the environment. All UN member nations are already gearing up to implement decarbonisation and other required measures to mitigate the effects of climate change. Global warming caused by GHG accounting aids the business in measuring the direct and indirect carbon emissions. It is particularly significant because of developing legislation and a shift in corporate priorities towards more sustainable goals. These are also convincing evidence of the growing demand for research on environmental sustainability and pathway to net zero emissions.

Accordingly, IEMA launched a course called "Pathways to Net Zero" that includes details about Pathway to Carbon Reduction and Achieving Net Zero. IEMA Pathways to Net Zero Training talks about crucial topics like greenhouse gases, Net Zero Methodologies and Technologies, Energy Efficiency and more!

Course Overview

Learn about Net Zero and how to reduce your company's carbon footprint. Discover how Net Zero offers prospects for growth to your organisation. Pathways to net zero course provides you with a comprehensive business understanding of how to appropriately mitigate the business risks of climate change and manage a low-carbon transition. It is considered to be one of the best Training Courses on Decarbonisation.

Who can take this course?

Ideal for:

  • Implement carbon reduction and achieving net zero approach in their organisation Support and implement an existing net zero Methodologies and Technologies Communicate an organisation's net zero approach
  • Promote decarbonisation training across value chain in the organisation
  • Aspire to gain in-depth knowledge of net zero principles - (For Managers, Supervisors and Environmental and Sustainability Specialist)


None, but it is strongly recommended that the candidate be in a practical role that will allow them to truly comprehend the areas discussed throughout the Pathways to net zero course.

Course Benefits

  • Make people aware of net zero and the fundamental international policy context.
  • Let an individual to contribute to the business & environmental benefits of net zero.
  • Learning Outcomes

    On successful completion of this IEMA Pathways to Net Zero Training, the delegates will have knowledge and understanding of:

    • Why net zero?
    • Responding to net zero
    • Greenhouse gases accounting - a primer
    • Carbon neutrality
    • Net zero methodologies & technologies
    • Developing a decarbonisation plan
    • Net zero across the value chain
    • Communicating net zero

    Course Duration

    Type Training Days Training Hours
    Day 2 14 hours


    The assessment consists of an online 20-question multiple-choice test.