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E-learning Course Content Creation

Pandemic in the 21st century, simplified the learning process through the laptops, tabs and hand phones. During the Corona virus break out, from toddlers to prodigies have swiftly embraced the technology, creating lot of learning opportunities to enhance the knowledge and competency. Companies are looking to adapt such a change management to increase the efficiency and productivity of the employees through self-learning enabled by Learning Management System (LMS).

Realizing the need for such urging demand, NIST stepped in to the E-learning course content creation with high interaction, customized to the need of corporates. The ideology of E-learning content development services is to fill the gap in knowledge & skills through highly interactive and customized learning. Lecture-based classroom trainings are now replaced with fascinating hybrid interactive self-learning course content.



Creating customized course content

Specialize in creating customized E-learning course content for businesses that operate in a variety of market segments

In-depth analysis and research

In-depth analysis and research to assist businesses in creating e-learning content materials that adhere to their strategic objectives and instructional requirements.

Mobile Friendly E-learning

Proffer Mobile / Tabs / Laptop friendly e-learning experience.

Five stage approach

Follow the requirement of a company with five stage approach


Know your needs

The analysis phase helps us to study the Corporate LMS solution required by a company, their learning constraints, delivery & timeline challenges, the learning environment, learner's existing knowledge & skills and instructional problems to arrive at the clear objectives.


Design the course

The E-learning course design phase deals with course curriculum, learning objectives, learning outcomes, interactive assessments, knowledge checks, depth of the content, subject matter analysis, lesson planning, and media selection. This phase ensures the learning is highly interactive and conducive.


E-learning Course Content Development

The development stage of Self-learning course content involves the subject matter expert for E-learning Content Development, instructional design, Storyboard creation, authoring tool, animation, gamification, formative and summative assessment used to develop e-learning course content and finally upload the interactive content as SCORM package.


Execution and Quality Assurance

The execution part of E-learning management platform involves procedure for training facilitators and learners. Training facilitators ensure the course curriculum, learning outcomes, method of delivery, and testing procedures as a part of Quality Assurance before learners begin self-learning.



The final phase of e-learning content development is internal review and need to revise or improve for this course or future courses.

Benefits for companies Choosing interactive e-learning

Convenient E-Learning

Employer can deploy the employees to learn from wherever they are and at their own pace for induction, on the job or any skill-based training.

Competency mapping

Our Corporate LMS platform will help to map the organizational training matrix to train the employees effectively and within the stipulated time.

Cost Optimization

Company could save their investment, in training the employees through self-learning content by reducing training related costs like travel, accommodation, and associated man-hours.

Resource Optimization

The time required for experienced employees who involved in inducting the employees could be considerably saved.

Employee Tracker

Our Corporate LMS platform will help to track the list of competencies mapped for each employee along with the status of their performance. AI analytics for everyone could be easily monitored by the reporting authorities.

Why Choose NIST?

A recognized provider of eLearning solutions in India, NIST is dedicated to delivering end-to-end, cutting-edge, web-based, and device-friendly learning technologies, learning solutions & Corporate LMS Platform coupled with your business goals to unleash the full potential of your workforce. Our ideals, values, and dedication to creating the best eLearning content development services among all other firms set us apart from the competition.