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HSE Staffing Services

From business start-ups to fortune companies, NIST Global provides high calibre HSE staffing services to enhance the client’s business agility & competitiveness. We offer the most promising & professional Health and safety staffing service with the highly disciplined & personal approach which involved delivering quality & skilled candidates to the clients.

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With our renowned Occupational health and safety staffing services, we stand as one of the top HSE staffing companies known for its consistency & experience. At NIST Global, our HSE advisors offer two types of staffing solutions based on client’s requirement: They are as follows:

  • Fixed Staffing
  • Flexi Staffing

We cater to workplace safety staffing needs with our extensive pool of EHS professionals & unique candidate vetting procedures. We offer top calibre talents within the committed time frames at budget-friendly rates. Presently, we are the successful HSE recruitment & staffing partners for the major Natural Gas, Petrochemical, Construction and E-commerce companies around the globe.

During our HSE Staffing services, we educate “Client HR policies” to the candidates and alongside ensuring them to follow NIST Global HR policies. Also, eligible statutory compliance will be provided & educated to the candidates on the date of joining.

1. Fixed Staffing

NIST Global offers end-to-end customized Health and Safety staffing solutions to the clients, which covers the entire life cycle of employment from on-board to off-board. For every selected candidate, NIST Global charges a fixed amount from the clients & provides valuable assistance. We also assist the clients in planning the upcoming financial year expenses with the fixed cost. Our fixed staffing service includes

  • Entire Recruitment Process
  • Employee Induction Training
  • Employee engagement
  • First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Payroll Process
  • 40 checkpoint maintenance on Statutory & Compliance

2. Flexi Staffing

NIST Global provides robust HSE staffing services through the flexi staffing module based on the client’s business operations. For the HSE staffing service, we charge a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary from the client as a service charge. The percentage is imperatively based on the client’s requirement & differs from case to case. We are offering the flexi staffing service for diverse industrial sectors such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, and Chemical. Our Flexi staffing service includes:

  • Employee engagement
  • First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Payroll Process
  • 40 checkpoint maintenance on Statutory & Compliance


  • 1,20,675+ Delegates trained in EHS qualification
  • 35000+ Delegates trained in International qualification
  • 8.32 Million Hours of Training Delivered
  • 1000+ EHS Professional Designated
  • 11.65 Million man-hours delivered in Recruitment & HSE Staffing Service
  • 400+ Clients served on diverse service

Why choose NIST for HSE Staffing Services?

  • ISO 9001 Certified Company
  • 15 years of experience in Staffing & Recruitment
  • 100% Reliable EHS staffing solution with a competitive rate
  • 100% Risk-free customized staffing module
  • 100 % NIST employees cover under insurance
  • First Call Resolution (FCR) with clients
  • 40+ Check point maintenance on Statutory compliance for all the staffing employees