What are the benefits of taking health and safety courses?

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Benefits of Taking Health And Safety Courses

Studying health and safety courses can be super beneficial, whether you are embarking on a career in safety or looking forward to growing your existing safety career. With industrial / workplace accidents piling up across the globe, safety professionals are highly on demand. Health & safety courses impart knowledge on essential theory and required legislation in order to perform as a qualified safety professional. We have listed down some of the benefits of pursuing health & safety courses:

  1. Individual:
    1. Universal relevancy: You will gain a strong understanding of occupational health and safety concepts which will give you an edge over the competition. It is one of the subjects that are said to be universally relevant to any workplace or business.
    2. Career: Studying health & safety courses will serve as a strong basis for pursuing further higher studies and also aids you in becoming a top-notch professional in safety domain.
  2. Professional:
    1. Promotion opportunities: If you are already a safety professional then achieving higher qualifications in health and safety can enhance your promotion prospects. Employers are keen on choosing individuals who are committed to their own continuous improvement.
    2. A better contribution: Those who are equipped with Health & safety knowledge are always in a better position to contribute to the overall safety culture of their workplace. Therefore, it is a valuable subject for all employees so that they contribute to the safety of their workplace.
    3. Leadership: Advance courses in health & safety will enable you to perform as a safety leader by managing the organization productively and take effective decisions. With acquired knowledge in safety, you can grow up to become a high performing leader in the field of health & safety.
  3. Employer:
    1. Best Safety practices: A qualified safety professional will have the sound knowledge to perform Risk assessment and other safety related procedures like safety audits, inspection, etc., in order to reduce the adverse effects caused due to workplace accidents in a proactive manner.
    2. Moral obligation: Moral reasons being the prime phenomenon for managing risks, employers recruit professionals who have a deeper insight of health & safety knowledge. By doing so, employers will also be able to provide reasonable care to their employees.
  • Legal requirements: The knowledge gained through health & safety courses will enable you to be up-to-date with any changes in the current legislation and also bring to the attention of the Management / Director on health & safety matters and ensure that the organization complies with the statutory regulations.
    • Cost-effective: A thorough knowledge of health & safety concepts will help you to add value to your workplace by avoiding litigation, prosecution, absence costs, insurance premium, and loss of reputation.

Studying Health & Safety Course @ NIST

Due to the extensive nature of workplace health & safety concepts and legislations, it is vital to study the subject in a comprehensive manner. The same is infused in International Safety courses offered by world-famous international safety bodies like NEBOSH & IOSHNEBOSH Health and safety courses are most preferred by global employers as it covers prominent subjects of workplace safety enabling a professional to impart an effective safety procedure in a workplace. NEBOSH qualifications like NEBOSH International General Certificate, NEBOSH International Diploma, and NEBOSH Environmental Diploma are on the top list of safety courses pursued by safety aspirants.

At NIST, we proffer world-class online training for International safety courses. And some of our highlights are listed below:

  • NEBOSH Health and safety courses & IOSH courses are offered by expert trainers who come with relevant industrial experience
  • So far trained 1.2lacs+ learners with leading safety courses
  • Language specific trainers with cross domain expertise
  • Completed more than 1000 batches of NEBOSH courses
  • Consistently achieving high pass percentage for NEBOSH & IOSH courses
  • Proudly earned immense positive feedback from learners & delegates for our exceptional training deliverance, administrative support, and other services right from registration to certification.
  • So far placed more than 1000 professionals in attract HSE job roles across the globe
  • We also train the corporates with Bespoke health & safety training and international safety courses

Attract HSE Job Opportunities across the Globe

Irrespective of any industry you choose, safety professionals are highly on demand! Pursuing health & safety courses can open a gateway of opportunities in the HSE field. For example, NEBOSH IGC qualified professionals can apply for Safety Officers job roles while NEBOSH International Diploma holders get job positions like HSE trainer, Safety Manager, etc. If you are interested in Environmental safety, you can pursue NEBOSH Environmental Diploma which will help you achieve a role as an Environmental Safety Expert.

To conclude, workplace health & safety is indeed a unique subject and considered to be a key priority in every organization or business. Workplace health & safety management, having a long way to go, would welcome more safety professionals on the field in order to keep human lives safe from any fatal accidents or serious injuries. Hence, the benefits of studying health and safety courses are quite deep touching various aspects of both human life and workplace safety!

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