1. What is NEBOSH/What does NEBOSH stand for?

NEBOSH stands for the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health. It is an international safety board headquartered in the United Kingdom that is well-known for its internationally recognized, high-graded safety courses founded in the United Kingdom in 1979. NEBOSH Courses include 5 Awards, 12 Certificates, 4 Diplomas, and 2 Masters.

2. What makes NEBOSH courses unique?

Since NEBOSH courses are known for their high-quality HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) syllabus, they continue to be the gold standard qualification. As a result, 90 percent of HSE job openings prefer NEBOSH certification. Employers see NEBOSH certification as a compelling reason for hiring employees with NEBOSH certification because it is one of the top HSE benchmark qualifications. Thus, NEBOSH courses are unique in their ability to assist you in your creative or promotional activities in your career.

3. How do I select a learning partner for NEBOSH courses?

Certain things must be considered when selecting a learning partner. Check to see if the NEBOSH learning partner is a gold learning partner. Aside from that, you can prioritise factors such as,

  • Mode of study
  • Course structure
  • Language
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Customer support
  • Organization’s experience and credentials
  • Trainers’ proven record

4. What jobs can I get after NEBOSH?

NEBOSH is one of the standard qualifications required for a number of roles in the health and safety industries that deal with hazards associated with the human body. Hence, there are many career opportunities available for those who successfully complete NEBOSH courses in the safety sector. Some HSE jobs are mentioned below:

Safety Officer

Health and Safety Auditor

Health and Safety Officer

Health and Safety Advisor

Health and Safety Manager

Health and Safety Consultant

Health and Safety Specialist

Fire Safety Officer

You can refer to these blogs for more details.

5. How do I find NEBOSH courses near me?

We are very pleased to provide expert advice about the different options available in order to help you make an informed decision. To get in touch with our experts for NEBOSH courses information, call us at + 91 8056000530 or email us at so that we can help you get started.

6. What is NEBOSH OBE?

NEBOSH OBE stands for Open Book Examination. In contrast to typical paper-based exams, the NEBOSH Open Book Examination allows students to access study materials while taking the exam. However, students cannot copy and paste, nor can they write the ideas or arguments presented in notes or on websites. Instead, the ideas that have been learnt must be applied to scenario-based questions.

7. Is the NEBOSH marking system easier for the OBE pattern?

The marking process has not changed despite the change in exam pattern because NEBOSH always maintains a rigorous correction (from traditional paper-based examinations to open book exams) since NEBOSH courses are seen as the benchmark for safety courses. For more information, please see the link below.

8. What is the pass mark for the OBE IGC exam?

The pass mark for NEBOSH OBE – IG1 is 45 percent, whereas IG2 is not graded, but you will be shown ‘PASS’ if you passed the exam and ‘REFER’ if you failed it.           

9. Is the NEBOSH Open Book Exam a permanent change?

There has been no notice from NEBOSH declaring any change as of yet

10. When will I get my NEBOSH certificate?

If you have passed a NEBOSH course, your certificate will be mailed to you within 20 working days

11. When will I get the results for the NEBOSH exams?

The results will be available 50 working days from the examination date and will be delivered to the email address registered with your learner record.

12. Will NEBOSH IGC expire?

No. NEBOSH qualifications do not expire, but it’s recommended to keep them up to date for career improvement.

13. How can I re-sit for the NEBOSH exam?

If you decide to re-sit for your exam, you can do so after consulting your learning partner and can register yourself for the exam again.

14. How long will it take to complete a NEBOSH qualification?

This depends on what qualification you choose, the timetable provided by your learning partner and your learning hours. In general, you could spend for,

  • NEBOSH IGC – 13 days for live online session E-learning-110 hours
  • IDIP NEBOSH – 9 to 36 months
  • IDip NEBOSH – 35 hours
  • Edip NEBOSH – 119 hours

15. Are NEBOSH qualifications graded?

Yes. It is graded on a PASS/CREDIT/DISTINCTION scale. NEBOSH qualifications are comprised of various units, and students are graded on each unit. When all units in a qualification are successfully completed and meet the pass criteria, the marks in these units are added together to calculate the grade. The number of points required for each grade varies according to the qualification.

16. Are NEBOSH units graded?

You will see unit results such as PASS or REFER and the unit mark in the Result Notification letter. Following the completion of all units within a specific award, all marks will be added together to determine whether the student received a pass, credit, or distinction.

17. Is e-learning available for NEBOSH IGC?

Yes. E-learn option is available for NEBOSH IGC. For more details, call and get advice from your learning partner.

18. What is the validity of NEBOSH courses?

NEBOSH courses are valid throughout life.

19. Is NEBOSH hard to pass?

Choosing the correct learning partner and allocating a good amount of time for self-study will help you pass your NEBOSH studies successfully.

20. Is the Open Book Examination (OBE) easier than the previous examination?

No. OBE questions requires you to use logical reasoning in workplace situations. Though there is no invigilation for the OBE test and you are allowed to use any resources, such as internet notes, etc., you cannot directly copy and paste such notes but must instead refer to concepts, meanings, thoughts, ideas, and so on. An open book examination is not an alternative to paper-based assessments; it’s a different type of assessment where the majority of the questions will relate to what has been taught, and so there is no need to learn new knowledge and skills to answer those questions effectively, as they can be used in daily practise scenarios or in professional settings.

21. Is NEBOSH a good qualification?

NEBOSH is a prestigious, professional, and highly qualified credential recognised by employers in the world’s leading industries as one of the most significant qualifications in the safety sector.

22. Can an employer get another NEBOSH qualification certificate for their employees’ for their reference?

No, it cannot be issued and even if it were so, the original would be considered invalid as it is not possible to issue multiple copies of the same certificate. You can also refer to the cost of a replacement certificate in the ‘Learners fees list’ section on the NEBOSH website.

23. Can I self-study for NEBOSH?

It is always recommended to attend classes and obtain proper guidance from an authorised learning partner as, it is difficult to prepare for NEBOSH exams without the assistance of a learning partner. 

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