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Importance of Behaviour-based Safety Training

behaviour based safety

behaviour based safety

In comparison to a significant number of living organisms and categories of species, humans are highly thinking creatures. The amazing thinking faculty, which awards/enables individuals with huge potential to accomplish superlatively in any profession, also makes them unpredictable in terms of behaviour. There is no one-size-fits-all response. Several times, people make blunders, create risks, and adopt risky gestures/positions that badly harm them and many others, even culminating in death. An unsafe behaviour of an individual, when it comes to workplace, can impact a plethora of factors that may involve human life itself, productivity, efficiency, cost, and other. This is where Behaviour-based safety marks its prominent position to eradicate the risk of unsafe human behaviour.

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) is a workplace safety method that employs safety observations to advise management and employees about overall workplace safety. Behaviour Based Safety is intended to bring employees’ attention to their own and their co-workers’ frequent safety behaviour. The BBS program’s goal is to improve employee safety within the organisation.

Employee Behaviour Based Safety Training enables a business to improve its employees’ abilities and performance. It is an effective method that contains information and instructions for improving existing abilities and introducing new concepts to increase employee safety at work. An efficient initiative to increase employee soft skills at the workplace that can be readily controlled by a planned training programme and its implementation procedure that boosts productivity.

Why BBS Training?

The goal of Behaviour-based safety training is to develop the employee’s soft skills in addition to their technical talents, also developing the employee’s overall personality. To bridge the skills gap in their respective organisations, local and corporate management take the initiative to set up these training programmes. The main purpose of Behaviour-based safety training is to raise workplace general safety. Discussions about behaviour-based safety concepts, local safety policy compliance, supervisor responsibilities, and industrial safety requirements, the punishment policy for safety violations, and worker protection methods and strategies take place during behaviour-based safety training programmes.

Tips to implement Behaviour-based Safety Program

  • Get employee participation and commitment through consultation, discussion, and information dissemination.
  • Establish a steering committee to implement and monitor programme development progress.
  • Evaluate recent accident and near miss statistics to discover dangerous behaviours that contributed to a significant number of accidents.
  • Create a customised check list that includes the specified behaviours.
  • Ensure workers receive training in safety observation techniques and submit comments.
  • Set a baseline for monitoring workplace behaviour to determine the current average levels of safe workplace conduct.
  • Set a safety improvement goal for each department.
  • Every day, track progress and provide specific comments to each department.
  • Examine performance trends to find potential areas for improvement.
  • Give feedback by holding briefing meetings at regular intervals to solicit the views, recommendations, and opinions of all personnel.

Behaviour-based Safety Training increases safety and quality, lowers absenteeism, contributes to a healthy workforce, and lowers injury and sickness rates. Employees are more satisfied with their jobs, which reduces workers’ compensation costs and raises safety to a greater level of self-awareness and responsibility.

The BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) Program is appropriate for organisation employees who take proactive responsibility, as well as employers that wish to improve their safety culture and decrease costs. You can contact NIST Global to schedule tailored on-site Behaviour-based Safety training or cost-effective online training to strengthen core competencies.

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