Importance of Behaviour Based Safety

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Anyone and almost everyone, everywhere, requires proper and safe behaviour. First and foremost, good and safe human behaviour is essential for everyone’s health, growth, achievement, peace, and happiness. Let’s take a quick look at ‘behaviour,’ its role, and its importance before we go into Behaviour Based Safety. Human behaviour refers to how individuals communicate with each other. As a result, one’s actions (what they say or do) will be used to assess one’s personality. It all comes down to how people behave, which reflects how they live their lives, face difficult or emergency situations, solve problems, and so on.

Causes and Effects of Human Behaviour:

Human behaviour study is a science that can help us better understand and shape people’s mental health. Good human behaviour will lead to a better environment. On the other hand, society has a significant impact on human behaviour. There is a need to concentrate and address such problems where human behaviour tends to harm people, social wellness, workplaces such as organizations and industries, and so on.

Human behaviour is influenced and determined by biological, personal, cultural, professional, psychological, economic, technical, and situational aspects. When we like something, for example, we treat it with good intent; when we detest something, we prefer to ignore it or react negatively to it (psychological). Environmental factors have also had an impact on a person’s behaviour, motivation, and other characteristics. Emotional, physical, environmental difficulties, needs and goals, and other elements should all be taken into account when determining the causes of “human behaviour”.

People are unaware of how critical it is for them to focus on reducing or eliminating risks around them. Even if they are aware, their ‘negligence’ and ‘carelessness’ cause them to avoid taking action against risks. For example, wearing the correct PPE according to the nature of work and using it properly can protect employees, while failing to do so can result in accidents, illness, and other problems. Even when people are aware of it, they do not follow it, and as a result of this careless, negligent behaviour, people find themselves in difficulty on a regular basis.

Observing human behaviour, providing feedback, modifying behaviour in a healthy way, and sustaining those modifications in one’s behaviour helps in creating safe individuals, and environment, and of course, Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) does that. BBS must be given priority in almost all places, like schools, colleges, firms, factories, industries, hospitals, hotels, etc. in order to create a safe behaviour to an unsafe one.

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS):

The actions of one person have an effect on others and their surroundings, both directly and indirectly. While we may believe that human behaviour is solely relevant in our personal lives, it is important to note that it is equally required and unavoidable in the workplace. One of the most major elements that cause accidents, either directly or indirectly, is ‘stress.’ Stressed human behaviour causes major workplace accidents, along with additional factors such as weariness, overconfidence, and carelessness (failing to follow safety rules). Above all, ‘distraction’ may be the major cause of more accidents.

Certain behaviours have the potential to cause major problems. For example, if a person who handles, operates, or works with machines is in a depressed state, is negligent, stressed, or exhausted, there is a greater probability that he may be involved in an accident; these mishaps could affect a single person or a group of people.

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) is an important tool for altering unsafe attitudes and behaviours. Apart from the occupational, process and other types of safety, workplace behaviour safety is particularly crucial since, in addition to unsafe conditions, unsafe behaviour plays a major role in causing accidents. As a result of this BBS process, employees learn about their responsibilities and may go “beyond the call of duty” when an emergency or need arises.

As part of the BBS process, employees are taught about their own responsibilities, self-awareness and stress management, the need to make ethical decisions rather than emotional ones, taking initiative, resolving conflicts, and the need for a cooperative attitude in the workplace. They’ll also receive guidance on “at-risk” behaviour. This contributes to an organization’s success because when employees’ behaviour is oriented around safety and clear work goals, the organization’s productivity increases.

Aim of Behaviour Based Safety (BBS):

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) aims to change employees’ unsafe behaviour and promote or establish a safe culture. Employees’ shared attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, and values regarding workplace safety are referred to as safety culture. BBS assists employees in developing interpersonal relationships, as well as cooperative and effective communication.

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) involves the following steps:

1. Observing critical employee behavioural patterns.

2. Gathering data on the quality of the organization’s safety and determining what negative or unfavourable circumstances, behaviour, mindset, etc. contributed to a certain incident, accident, or issue.

3. Come up with solutions and provide feedback that is both safe and productive.

4. Make alterations and encourage new, safe behaviours.

5. Evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of the solutions that were implemented.

Why BBS (Behaviour Based Safety) is Important:

As BBS attempts to develop a safety culture in the workplace, it aids in the reduction or elimination of injuries, accidents, and other negative situations, as well as improving employee motivation. Furthermore, this process not only benefits people in the workplace, but it also makes your personal and social surroundings safer for you. BBS is required in all workplaces around the world.

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Why choose NIST:

NIST is India’s first NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner and an ISO: 9001 Certified Company. Here, we offer ‘Behaviour Based Safety’ Bespoke training & BBS Consultancy for Corporates. As an outcome of the BBS process, employees will be able to identify workplace safety barriers, improve their understanding of others as well as their own shortcomings, learn to observe and manage emotions, make decisions based on ethical or accepted norms rather than emotional factors, and work as a team player or team leader with cooperation and positivity to achieve the goal. For further details regarding the BBS Training & Consulting, contact our client servicing team @ +91 9384663536 or mail us at

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