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Benefits of pursuing IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH (Managing Safely)

Before we get into the specifics of IOSH Managing Safely, let’s understand what it is. The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) was founded in 1945 and is Uk’s leading chartered body for health and safety professionals. The IOSH is an independent, non-profit organisation whose mission is to make the world a safer and healthier place.

Anyone, regardless of qualification, position, or area of expertise, can take an IOSH course. It makes learners able to lead the team effectively. In short, IOSH-certified workers make any organisation better, safer, more productive, and healthier.

The IOSH (MS) course will take you 22 hours to complete, divided into 21 hours of study and 1 hour of assessment; a great, precise course that is full of awareness information. This course would take three days to complete. There are seven modules. Learners must attend all seven modules. Once the entire course has been completed, two assessments will be conducted: a multiple-choice exam and a risk assessment project. And, the minimum pass for a multiple-choice test session would be 36/60; 23/38 for a risk assessment practical.

There is no expiration date on the IOSH certificate. Still, IOSH recommends taking an IOSH Managing Safely refresher course every three years to keep your certificate updated. This is because legislation, best practises, and recommendations in the field of health and safety change throughout time. As a result, renewing would assist in staying current.

Keeping up to date with the latest conventions, recommendations, workplace safety issues, and so on will ensure great success in your career. Most importantly, IOSH serves as a prerequisite for other safety certifications such as NEBOSH IGC, IDip, and EDip. Any safety novice who wishes to begin a career in the field of safety should look into IOSH.

This training does not require any qualifications. Apart from safety aspirants, volunteers, or responsible individuals, this IOSH course is specially designed for supervisors, managers, and people in administrative departments, as it would be helpful for people to guide the employees of their organisation.

Benefits of IOSH Managing Safely course:

  • Assists in understanding the importance of safety and the need for it
  • Improves the standard of workplace safety and well-being.
  • The learner will be better able to understand their health and safety responsibilities.
  • Assists administrative employees in efficiently leading the team.
  • Aids in the control, reduction, and avoidance of dangers.
  • Aids in the understanding of a company’s legal obligations.
  • Assists in comprehending the key factors for sustaining workplace safety and health.
  • Makes learners analyse, identify, and solve hazards in the workplace
  • Explains risk assessments, ‘probability,’ ‘consequence,’ and accident investigation to learners.
  • Promotes a healthy work environment.
  • Aids in the understanding of a variety of risks, including mechanical, chemical, environmental, biological, and organisational threats.
  • If you want to start a career in health and safety, this is an excellent start (Health, Safety, and Environment)
  • Promotes the profit of the company
  • Helps to carry out internal and external safety audits
  • It will be of great help to HSE beginners
  • IOSH is a globally recognised course
  • An IOSH certificate highlights and adds weightage to your CV
  • An IOSH qualification would be considered an organisation’s asset
  • IOSH qualified members could change the environment of any organisation a safe place

Who can take IOSH Managing Safely course?

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Admin members
  • Team leaders
  • HSE beginners
  • Safety aspirants
  • Organisations which requires knowledge on lower-risk industry

Courses after IOSH:


NIST has been an approved learning partner of IOSH since September 2008. Our trainers are highly qualified, experienced and are NEBOSH approved. Due to covid-19, keeping safety as our priority, we now offer online virtual sessions, which include effective power point presentations, aid smooth learning process. Throughout the training, our instructors will be of great support. With us at NIST, our students will enjoy a fantastic learning experience!

Our Milestone:

900+ IOSH MS Batches Trained              15000+ Learners Trained

For further details regarding the course, you can contact our course counsellors @ +91 8056000530 or mail us at

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